80s' Fashion Trends for Women and Men

Published: 16th January 2012
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Today, fashion designers dictate various trends of the season. What's in fashion today may seem really weird lots of years down the road. The 1980s was one such period that witnessed many fashion trends which can not exactly be termed as 'fashionable' by many. Should you be prepared to take a look at the fashion of the 1980s, you can just watch fashion clothing, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories worn by the rock stars of those times.

Fashion in the 80s was about a great deal of people trying to make an announcement relating to own individuality. High on bling, it was also the time when folks turned adventurous the fabrics being left or the way their hair was styled. Amongst women's clothing, shirts and dresses often had shoulder pads to give a bigger look to the area. This is however, looked upon as manly in appearance. Many women today would declare that fashion in the '80s should relax in the '80s and never come. If there was something which had been common starting from the frame, to the clothes, to the accessories, it was neon colors. Everything was bright, more bright compared to what we can think of. Brands which include Ocean Pacific, Reebok and Banana Republic made history and everyone purchased no less than one item of clothing obtainable. If we talk about the '80s' the latest fashions for women, we must talk about the mini skirts back then. Mini skirts were the most typical form of clothing in both formal and casual wear. Shirts of the '80s are one of the few items that we might consider wearing even today, although only the formal ones. '80s was the era of quality dressing, as even so, women were considered an equally important part of the corporate world. Denims were a disaster in the '80s and were usually acid washed. Yes, earlier it was what everyone did, but today, we may shiver at the very thought, isn't it? Another very famous form of clothing were the stretch stirrup pants which according to any fashion stylist today, are a wardrobe disaster. The constitute back then needs a crucial mention in the '80s the latest fashions for women as it made you look, constantly, that you were attending a fancy dress competition. It was completely focused on the cheeks and the eyes and even this, had to be as bright and colorful as possible. Up your eyes usually had a lot of layers of eyeshadow and shocking blue was the favorite shade with an outline of black liner. The cheeks were enhanced some they could ever be with bright blush shades. The hair was always ultra teased and in many cases which was multi colored.

Men used to sport rainbow-colored long hairstyles. Styles including Mohawks and frizzy hair were also popular in those times. Moreover, their hair was big and thick, and was styled with some other forms of colors. The design of long sideburns, that has been popular men's fashion in the 70s, faded away in the 80s. The recognition of mullet haircuts was growing in the 1980s. Inside the 1980s, hardly any people wore short hairstyles, unlike today. Be it fine or locks, long hairstyles were considered as a fad among youngsters of that decade. Today's long hair scene and emo hairstyles are a style came from those hairstyles. Short hair was normally worn by people likely to office. For an off-the-cuff look, men used to wear long Hawaiian t-shirts of mostly loved by those in the music activity industry. Wearing black and neon colored apparel was viewed as a really good look. And also stylish rock band shirts, leather and denim jackets were also a part of the overall punk look. Shoes worn by boys were the high-top kinds. Rhinestone gloves were loved by rock and celebrities in the 80s. A significant part of the style in 80s costumes for men was influenced from personalities from the music industry. Stars and music bands like Michael Jackson, George Michael, Europe, Poison, Whitesnake, etc. substantially influenced the 80s the latest fashions for men. The '80s clothing trends were not the same as the latest fashions, and its importance can't be ignored.

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