How to Look Thinner for Women

Published: 18th January 2012
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Almost every woman would want to look slimmer and taller and her everyday habit would be to glance longingly at the weighing scale and hope it shows a reduction in the flab. Well, the point is, not many women know that women's clothing can be altered to suit your body structure and can even make you look slimmer. Weight loss might take time, as it is not overnight that you get that much wanted slim figure. However, while you sweat it out, to add to it, there is something you can know and that is how to look thinner. If you think you are not really the slim types, you can at least ensure that you don't look fat. Do you try a million clothes every morning just to make sure that your tummy bulge is not seen? And finally after a lot of effort you just give up and wear an over-sized jacket or sweater to hide your paunch! Well... I am not surprised, many girls tend to do that and you are no different.
It is very important that you go in for the right fabric, since some fabrics can actually ruin the attire and make you look awful. Keep away from fabrics like satin, polyester and so on, which are likely to cling to your body, showing off your problem areas. Rather go in for free-flowing fabrics like cotton, georgette, etc. It is wise to wear clothing in colors that trick others to believe that you are thin. One good idea is to wear clothes in dark shades only. All light and bright colors can make you look broad and curvy. Similarly, if the garments that you wish to wear are in two piece, then try to wear both the pieces in same color. This creates a feeling of continuity in the viewer's mind, thus making you look 10 pounds lighter. It is essential to choose clothing that is well fitting on your body. A tight fitting dress tends to reveal all the flab on your body while a loose baggy dress or pant will make you look like a over-filled sack. Dress smart and if possible get your clothes suitably altered for that perfect fit. It is a great idea to avoid any kind of horizontal pattern on the clothing. Preferably, go in for dressing patterns with closely set vertical stripes, seams, piping. If you have a broad waist, then play with the other's minds by using clothes that have attractive colors and patterns. This helps to shift the viewer's gaze to the attractive part of the clothing. At the same time, avoid wearing sleeveless and short clothing.
When you are fat and you still want to look slimmer, your face plays an important role in changing your look. Short hair can make you look taller. But, if you do not wish to cut them, you can simply lift them and increase their volume which will give you a slender look. Set your hair in higher hairstyles that will add an extra height to the original because it will make people look at your neck and not your hair. Focus on your best features and try to highlight them. Eyes, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes; all seem to be small body parts but have great capacity to catch and hold attention. Do you have an ongoing fight with the camera for making you look ten pounds heavier? How excited would you be if I told you there are ways to look ten pounds thinner? How many times have I complained to my boyfriend or friend that I want to look like those gorgeous models on fashion magazine covers. It's all about posing right, standing with the right posture and sucking in your gut. If you want to hide certain areas of your body, hold an item in front of that part like a bag or a jacket or a corsage. There is nothing worse than a double chin. All that skin hanging under your face is just not flattering. To avoid a double chin pull your face slightly forwards and tilt it upwards a bit.

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