Maid of Honor Dresses

Published: 23rd January 2012
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According to ancient traditions, the bride and the maid of honor wore a similar apparel. However, nowadays, looking at the dresses of both the bride and the maid of honor, it is clear that both have got their own separate identities. Even though their dresses have to be different, the bridesmaid's dress should have a coordinating color of the bridal theme. The dresses for maid of honor need to be well-planned so that bridesmaids look good when accompanying the bride.
When it comes to choosing maid of honor dresses, you need to remember that this task can be a bit difficult as there can be so many options and suggestions. While picking out bridesmaid dresses, the sheer variety of options available can be mind-boggling. From variations in cuts, designs, colors, and fabrics, there is decision to make at every step. Apart from organza, one of the most often used fabrics for bridesmaid dresses is chiffon. Being lightweight, free-flowing, translucent, smooth, and lustrous, chiffon bridesmaid dresses tend to have a very elegant look about them. If as a bride you have chosen to dress up your bridesmaids in chiffon bridesmaid dresses. If you are looking for chiffon bridesmaid dresses of tea length, then a very good option would be to opt for a clinched waist dress that is a huge fashion trend right now. An asymmetrical dress with a empire waistline, and slightly pleated and ruched skirt that bunches up at the skirt to be held together by a decorative accessory, can be a beautiful bridesmaid dress. A halter dress is an all time favorite at most weddings, which can be probably attributed to the easy elegance of this design. A knee length formal halter dress made of chiffon can look simple yet gorgeous. If you want you can add a shrug made of a sheer fabric. This is a design that aims to make the bridesmaids look beautiful and sexy at the same time. If you are looking for chiffon bridesmaid dresses, this can be a great option.
One of the safest design in bridesmaid dresses is maid of honor dresses with sleeves. When I say safe, I don't mean boring and dowdy. There is no reason why a bridesmaid dress with sleeves cannot be chic, stylish and stunning, not to mention coordinated with the color palette of the wedding. If you are looking for a bridesmaid dress that is modern and chic, then opt for a knee length bridesmaid dresses with waterfall sleeves. Another great design is a floor length dress with three-fourth sleeves. Before you dismiss three fourth sleeves as being too demure, let me tell you that these are the most trendy sleeves this season. One of the most beautiful maid of honor dresses with sleeves is a short bridesmaid dress with cap sleeves. Nowadays, a short bridesmaid dress is not just limited to casual or beach weddings and can be worn to a formal wedding as well. Choose an A-line dress with a fitted bodice and short cap sleeves in a dual toned color. You can also choose a pencil style skirt for the dress which falls just above the knee for an elegant and attractive look.
If the wedding is on a beach, then designing something extravagant and bedazzling is not needed, because even simple and elegant dresses suit bridesmaids attending beach weddings. The fashion of clinched waist dresses is absolutely trendy and you can always try this option for beach weddings. Ruched skirts sewed in with multiple frills, attached at the waistline would be one of the best bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding. If you are looking for dresses for your full-figured bridesmaids then you need to pick the right styles that will help them stay comfortable and look charming. Let me tell you that designers are not at all ignoring the fuller figures while designing wedding wear and have a good collection in all styles designed for them as well.

Most reception dresses these days have high hem lines and are light and made from typically silk and cotton. They're the perfect option for those brides that want to have that big traditional type wedding, and then relax a bit more for during the reception.

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