Women Beauty Regimen Before Wedding

Published: 20th March 2012
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Every woman aspires to have perfect skin that is radiant and smooth. A beauty regimen for women should be tailor-made according to the skin type and age. One of the most important things to remember while following a daily beauty regimen is that you should take care of your entire body and not just your face. Every bride looks gorgeous on the day of her wedding. It is generally a foregone conclusion. But, it does take months of getting ready for the D-day.
Your face is going to glow on your wedding day, that's a given. However, there are certain things that even a bride needs to take care of so that the said glow remains on the face until the very end of the day. First of all, stop exposing your facial skin to harsh sunrays and pollution. Use a scarf to protect your face, or if you're not accustomed to wearing scarves, cover your face when you're in a polluted area with a soft handkerchief at the very least. Use good face packs, facial scrubs, under eye creams to smoothen out possible wrinkles, moisturizer, and a good sunscreen. If you've been using one that suits your skin, but want to switch to another, try it out much in advance. Don't do it two weeks before the wedding. Also, don't ignore your lips. Moisturize them with petroleum jelly or any other appropriate balm that you use to prevent them from chapping or drying, especially if yours is a winter wedding.
Most women are so fixated with taking care of their face that they forget about extending the same care to their arms and hands. Callused hands, rough and dark elbows along with dark spots from sun exposure, etc. are some of the problems that most women face. To prevent these, you need to use an exfoliating shower gel everyday along with a deeply hydrating moisturizer or body lotion. Your arms and hands are prone to sun tan and pigmentation, so choose a moisturizer that has SPF in it. To avoid any embarrassment while going shoe shopping and for overall beauty, you need to keep your legs and feet smooth and soft. Apply a hydrating body lotion daily after a shower and at night apply a moisturizing foot cream. If you wear open toed sandals, then applying a sunscreen to your feet is a must as it will prevent unsightly tan lines to form on your pretty feet. You have to be in stunning shape on your big day. So, if you need to lose or put on a few pounds, then fix a goal weight and begin working towards achieving it, at least 4 months prior to the wedding. Four months is a decent enough period, and does not require you to go on a crash diet. So, eat right, and exercise enough so that you can reach your target weight and then maintain it, at least till your wedding day.
Remember to always get a good night's sleep before your wedding, as you want to be completely relaxed on the d-day. On your wedding day, it is important that you eat well and stay away from any caffeine based drinks.Give yourself enough time before the ceremony so that your hairstylist and your makeup artist can work their wonder.Remember that this is your day and no one is more important. Just relax and enjoy the day as nothing will make you look more beautiful.
A style created correctly will not only look fabulous with your prom and wedding dresses, but it will also be durable.

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